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Welcome to Wagsmore Daycamp’s blog!

on April 24, 2013

Thanks to everyone for stopping in!  We’re excited to launch a blog which will hopefully give you some useful information and education about the world of dogs. It’s our hope that we can provide you with easy to understand, interesting facts about how dogs communicate with each other and with you!


Gucci is licking Pluto’s lips. This is a sign of appeasement towards Pluto. Puppies will often do it to adult dogs as a way of saying “I’m sorry!”

Do you ever find yourself fidgeting when you get nervous?  Or perhaps tapping the end of your pen on the desk when you’re trying to figure out a problem?  Dogs also have certain cues that they exhibit when they’re stressed, nervous, excited, and more!  Have you ever seen your pup let out a big yawn when you take him into a busy pet store?  Or maybe while he’s playing with another dog at the offleash park, he’ll suddenly stop mid-zoom and sniff the ground.  Both of these actions are called “calming signals” and dogs use them to let each other know when they’re feeling minor amounts of stress or are a bit uncomfortable.  By watching your dog’s body language, you can learn to interpret what he’s feeling as well!

Everything about your dog’s body can provide you with clues to his intention, whether it’s friendly, fearful, or aggressive.  From his lips, to the tip of his tail, his overall posture provides us with insight, and this language is what makes dog daycares and large groups of dogs possible. 

Stay tuned for more in-depth descriptions of dog body language in the coming weeks! 


One response to “Welcome to Wagsmore Daycamp’s blog!

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Little Dogs Laughed-we appreciate you taking the time to look-and I look forward to seeing more of your blog-love the picture!

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